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What is the purpose of the server? 

Well there are many purposes, depending on how you put it, play it, and act on it determines your outcome. *You can grind through the ranks and quests quickly and be left with becoming the strongest. You can push through the raid(new coming soon) and get rare gear that is hard to obtain. Go rogue and accomplish the goals of the new Akatsuki an evil group. Alternatively join the ANBU through nomination of staff/events. *Battle in tournaments and earn rare rewards participants get rewarded too! *Perhaps you wish to be recognized as a leader? Build up a village and a following of at least 2 other people and you can request for a Kage position role with benefits given upon receiving! *Roleplaying your thing? We offer an immersive questline and sidequests that fit and fill each role! If you wish to act a

s your player act as your player. *With over 50+ expanding quests, custom armors,weapons and locations. Plus the addition raids and dungeons there is much to offer for all of your experience. let the light guide you through the darkness, and may the

darkness shroud you from the light


Why Donate?

     The proceeds made off of this website get put back into the server to make it a better place! For example adding memory and or increasing the betterment of hosting on the server! You do not have to donate any money to show that you support the server! New players, old players doesn't matter its to be on the server and have fun! Donations do give head starts and boosts yet DO NOT push players so far beyond others that they become PAY TO WIN!


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Welcome to the server!
Hey everyone! We are an up and coming server! We hope you all enjoy and take a look around!
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